You Should Celebrate St. Urho's Day If... 


There are many reasons that people partake in the St. Urho’s Day tradition. Check to see if any apply to you:

  1. You are Finnish.
  2. You know, or have heard of, someone who’s Finnish.
  3. You hate grasshoppers.
  4. You like grapes and/or wine.
  5. You enjoy learning to say “Go to Hell” in another language.
  6. You have fun at parades, parties, dances, and celebrations.
  7. You know how to properly pronounce the word “sauna.”
  8. Your favorite saints are imaginary.
  9. You’re looking for a prelude to another celebration (which shall remain nameless).
  10. You love small towns and the super fun events they hold each year!

If you checked one or more of these, you are an honorary Finn on St. Urho’s Day – join the fun!